So you want to work in LNG…

Posted June 15, 2016 by Blog AdministratorCareer Planning

You’ve learned about Canada’s potential liquefied natural gas sector (LNG), and you think it might just be the sector for you.

So, what’s next? What kind of careers can you find in the LNG sector? What type of skills and qualifications will you need? What’ll you be doing on the job? Well, you’re in luck – we have the answers and 15 occupation spotlights just for you!

Ranging from Boilermaker to Engineering Manager to Welder, 15 occupations were selected because of their important role in the development of Canada’s LNG sector. This doesn’t just mean the jobs required to build an LNG plant. We also looked at the jobs required to build and operate the upstream facilities and pipelines that will process and transport natural gas for LNG!

McMahon Gas Processing Plant BC (Photo courtesy of Spectra Energy)                      TransCanada-Pipeline-Welding2-

In each spotlight, you’ll find an overview of the occupation, its basic education requirements and common activities you’d find on the job. You’ll also find the top 10 competencies – or the skills, behaviour and knowledge – you need to be successful! Of course, you’ll also find out how each occupation is linked to the LNG sector.

Interested in learning more? Check out the LNG occupation spotlights below!

If these occupations aren’t your thing, don’t worry! We’re also working to develop additional profiles to highlight other careers in the oil and gas industry. Stay tuned!