PetroLMI adds Job Bank postings and French content to careers in oil and gas website

Posted September 28, 2017 by Blog AdministratorPetroLMI News

PetroLMI has launched an additional feature to Career Explorer, its unique career planning tool, which now allows users to not only search and compare more than 100 occupations in the oil and gas industry, but link directly to relevant job postings on the Government of Canada’s Job Bank website.

Job postings listed on Job Bank can be searched through Career Explorer by job title, type of work and location.

“This added feature allows job seekers to not only consider a new career or a career change, but allows them to scan potential job opportunities across Canada. It will guide job seekers from research to the application phase and will help them match their skills and qualifications to current available jobs,” says Carol Howes, Enform’s Vice President of Communications and PetroLMI. “It also provides workforce planners some insight into what jobs are in demand by geographic location.”

Another new feature added to Career Explorer is a video that guides users on how to use the tool, including information on how to search for available jobs.

PetroLMI’s website, at, now also includes much of its content in French, including Career Explorer.

“The oil and industry will continue to offer diverse career options for new graduates or for those transitioning careers,” says Howes. “These enhancements support the industry, which will need new workers, as more industry activity resumes.”

PetroLMI’s Labour Market Outlook, released last spring, anticipates a partial job recovery for Canada’s oil and gas industry over the next five years with between 6,700 and 17,000 net new jobs created, depending on whether the recovery starts in 2017 or is delayed to 2018. If the recovery commences in 2017, approximately 6,000 new jobs will be created this year alone, 75 per cent of those occurring within the oil and gas services sector — a sub-sector already experiencing a skills shortage.

Career Explorer provides users with information on skills, education and training requirements as well as working conditions in eight job categories: engineers, field workers, geoscience professionals, marine and nautical services, trades, business and operations support, operators and technology professionals. Users can now search available jobs on Job Bank as they relate to each of these categories.

These new features are funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program.

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