Get on board!

Posted April 21, 2017 by Blog AdministratorCareer Planning

Other than a love of the water, immunity from sea sickness and perhaps a bit of boating experience – have you wondered what it would take for you to work offshore. As part of our Career Explorer tool, we have three profiles and snapshots in the Marine job category to give you an understanding of what you need to do to get on board.

We have profiled the Marine Deck Officer and Crew, the Marine Engine Room Crew and the Offshore Specialists. The education requirements for each role vary, but the minimum requirement is a high school diploma.

Marine Deck Officers guide and pilot the vessel, supervise the Deck Crew, oversee the loading and unloading of the vessel, monitor the control systems and ensure the safety of the vessel and crew. The Deck Crew are non-certified and conduct activities such as lookout, general cleaning and maintenance and the operation of safety equipment.

The Marine Engine Room Crew ensures the vessel runs efficiently by maintaining its power, remote control systems, generators, motors, pumps, turbines and more.

Offshore Marine Specialist occupations include a number of roles: Seismic Operators, Ballast Control Operators, Diving Specialists, Remotely Operated Vehicle Operators, Radio Communications Specialists and Dynamic Position Operators. These workers combine their oil and gas expertise with a respect for the ocean, supporting safe and efficient operations at sea.

Each of our snapshots provide a day-in-the-life glance at these careers and more! And, they are print-friendly! Let us know what you think! We value your feedback.