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Welcome to Canada: Resources for immigrants

Posted July 28, 2015 by Blog AdministratorCareer Planning

Did you know many companies recognize immigrants as an important source of skilled labour in the oil and gas industry? With the industry preparing for an exodus of retiring workers and future skills and labour shortages, oil and gas companies will look to recruiting immigrants to fill these gaps with their critical industry knowledge, experience and skills. (more…)

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For the career starters: Resources for youth

Posted July 22, 2015 by Blog AdministratorCareer Planning

In the next decade, the oil and gas industry is going to see a lot of baby boomers retiring. According to our last outlook report, Oil Sands Construction, Maintenance and Operations Labour Demand Outlook to 2023, about a quarter of oil sands workers were eligible for retirement in 2014. And that was just for the oil sands. This number could be even higher for the whole industry! Continue reading

Wood Buffalo: Heart of oil sands development

Posted July 17, 2015 by Blog AdministratorLabour Market Information

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is the heart of Alberta’s oil sands development. It’s also the one region that has made significant progress in measuring rotational workers and camps in and around the community.

This leads us to our last fact on Alberta’s rotational workforce!

Fact #7: There are nearly 50,000 rotational workers in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Continue reading

Open? Closed? What’s the difference when it comes to rotational work camps?

Posted July 13, 2015 by Blog AdministratorLabour Market Information

Happy Monday! This week, we share the remainder of our rotational workforce facts. Here’s #5!

Fact #5: Camps aren’t all one and the same – they can be different. 

Camps fall into two general categories: those that are for the sole use of an owner/company and those that are operated and leased by camp companies. While they may look virtually the same from the outside, they operate under different business models. Continue reading