So you want to work in LNG…

Posted June 15, 2016 by Blog AdministratorCareer Planning

You’ve learned about Canada’s potential liquefied natural gas sector (LNG), and you think it might just be the sector for you.

So, what’s next? What kind of careers can you find in the LNG sector? What type of skills and qualifications will you need? What’ll you be doing on the job? Well, you’re in luck – we have the answers and 15 occupation spotlights just for you!

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Exploring LNG: Same skills, different jobs

Posted May 4, 2016 by Blog AdministratorLabour Market Information

Last week, we explored the workforce required in the on-site construction, upstream and midstream, and facility operations sub-sectors to support Canada’s LNG sector. Today, we look at the great deal of occupational similarities across the sub-sectors in the LNG value chain. Many of the technical qualifications and skills required by one sub-sector are applicable to the others. Continue Reading

Exploring LNG in Canada: Upstream, midstream and facility operations

Posted April 28, 2016 by Blog AdministratorLabour Market Information

Earlier this week, we looked at LNG’s labour demand requirements for the on-site construction sub-sector. Today, we explore the upstream, midstream and facility operations labour that will be needed if the construction of one large-scale two-train LNG facility and one medium-scale two-train plant move forward before the end of 2020. Continue Reading